Display agenda-columns

Display agenda-columns

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AgendaMaster offers you to display the folloing information on your agenda slides:

  • AgendaPoint Number
  • Description
  • Responsible
  • Timeslot
  • Duration
  • Slide number
  • Number of slides


All (excluded "Description") can be displayed or hide on the table of content (ToC) or agenda slides. The "Description" column is a must on every ToC or agenda slide - therefore this one cannot be changed.

AgendaPoint Number     Depending on the Numbering settings this column shows the AgendaPoint number
Responsible The person who is responsible for this agenda point
Timeslot Depending on the presentation start time and duration of the agenda points this information shows from / to time of the agenda points
Duration How long an agenda point will take
Slide number On which slide starts the agenda points
Number of slides How many slides belongs to an agenda point


Because of performance reason we recommend to show as less information as possible in big presentations. You can turn on / off columns at any time - seprated by ToC and agenda slides - the information will be stored with the slides even if you hide the columns.

For preparation it is for sure good to know how many slides belongs to an agenda point and how much time you have calculated for this topic - maybe for the final presentation you like to hide this information. Just do so and click on [Update].


(1) - the content of an agenda point will be displayed when you

(2) - activate the corresponding column

This slide shows: Agenda Point 3 starts at 19:40 and takes 20 minutes. The agenda topic starts on slide 7 and has 5 slides to show. Responsible for this topic is "Resp 3".


The order of the columns depends on your Master Layout for AgendaMaster. You can move the columns on your master layout slide as you want.