Change- and Releaseinformation

Change- and Releaseinformation


AgendaMaster Version: V (Beta Release)

Release date: 17.07.2021

Check License Overview and Documentation.

This Release is a Beta Release - and this release is not yet compatible with AgendaMaster 1.x created agenda slides.

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DesciptionChange  Change to
 01 13.06.2021 NEW

Multiple ToC

Finalize multiple ToC with following functions:

  • Create an overview about all ToC's in the presentation
  • List only relevant agenda points in the ToC
  • List only relevant agenda points below agenda points
  • Reset agenda point counter
  • Show this ToC line in agenda point list


To get this working finally, many changes were done so the calculations of AMSlideTags.AMSlideTags_Calculate works again. They are not listet here separatelly.



02 13.06.2021 NEW


Only for developers, to have a Test-Execution which is programatically testing the creation of table of contents and also the agenda slides. At the moment the function creates automatically slides to be checked. Goal is, that several checks are taken and listed, if all the functions work as expected.

03 04.07.2021 NEW

Testing automation

04 04.07.2021 NEW

Export Agenda Information into Clipboard - Delimited by Semikolon





AgendaMaster Version: V (Beta Release)

Release date: 13.05.2021

Check License Overview and Documentation.

This Release is a Beta Release - and this release is not yet compatible with AgendaMaster 1.x created agenda slides.

No Date



DesciptionChange  Change to
 01 20.03.2021 NEW

Presentation Meta Data - new field: Audience with following selections:

- Not defined
- Internal
- External
- Internal / External

New placeholder [[AUDIENCE]] defined, so this can be used also in footer and titles


AMPresentationTags / Read and Write Functions

02 21.03.2021 CHG MultiEdit - Show Dev Columns - also hide them. Rename Checkbox


03 21.03.2021 CHG Do not show AgendaPoint Number for Slides in MultiEdit


04 21.03.2021 FIX Free main text for Slides below an AgendaPoint was taken from Free sub text.


05 25.03.2021 FIX After opening a presentation and the first slide was an Agenda Slide, the FreeText for Titles wasn't checked. Solution: MenuePoint_Click - check if options menue is shown, then execute Behaviour_AgendaPoint_Options_SlideTitles


06 26.03.2021 FIX In AgendaPoint Details in the field Timeslot the duration was shown - now corrected so the timeslot is shown


07 26.03.2021 NEW Fill for Slides Duration_Displayvalue and AgendaPointTimeSlot also for slides - always with the value of parent AgendaPoint.

This is necessary for Placeholders Duration and Timeslot


08 27.03.2021 NEW Placeholders for Titles - also for manual slide titles  
09 27.03.2021 FIX

If a Sub AgendaPoint placed below ToC then the Content wasn't shown


10 27.03.2021 FIX

Updating Presentation Tags is also updating the internal table


11 27.03.2021 FIX

Writing Field txtHeaderFooter_SlideNumberFormat_Empty was wrong - not the value taken but the technical value

12 01.04.2021 NEW

Allow manual titles on Agenda Slides (Main and Sub) - also in MultiEdit

13 03.04.2021 NEW

Multiple ToCs Menue added
Only for Pro Version

14 03.04.2021 NEW

Ribbon: new button for create agenda slide

15 03.04.2021 NEW

New Parameter handover to handle Menue Situations (Ribbon - Click Create Agenda)

16 03.04.2021 CHG

MenuePoint_Click - move execute functions to MenueHorizontal with a new Parameter

17 03.04.2021 NEW

New Presentation MetaData and Placeholder: Projectname

18 03.04.2021 CHG

AMSlideTags - changed the logic. Just having a create possibility with default values in the definition


19 04.04.2021 CHG

If a new presentation was created, the "Show/Hide" Button for AgendaMaster was not always correct.

A new method in CTPFactory was needed to handle the default state: AMCTP_VisibleInitialState

This Method set the ribbon to false and label to show


Execute of this method is done in three different places:

  • AMControl_Initialize -
    If a new document is opened, then everything is initialize. Even if a new document is opened of an existing one, then also the ribbon gets the default values (is executed of the Application_WindowActivate)
  • Application_AfterNewPresentation
    If a new presentation is created
  • Application_AfterPresentationOpen
    If an existing presentation is opened


20 15.04.2021 CHG

Statistics added for ToC
For every ToC Record the fields "TotalMainPoints" and "TotalSubPoints" are filled.
Also needed for Multi ToC, there the limitation for "show only ToC relevant points" calculates the number of agendapoints per ToC


21 15.04.2021 CHG

MultiToC Menue with 3 Checkboxes
Save them all in AMSlideTags



AMSlideTags Read and Write Tags

22 16.04.2021 FIX

Split ToC Pages into Sub Pages for "By Number" and "Height"
Corrections in AMSlideTags_ReadSlide, the Slide Tag for Main and Sub was not taken correctly, therefore the Main Slide changed to Sub and the Content was empty at the end


23 16.04.2021 FIX

Save TotalMainPoints and TotalSubPoints for each ToC via Form - because AMSlideTag is removed in AMSlideTags_UpdateItem - then the values were 0. By saving them via the Form the split by relevant points works


24 18.04.2021 FIX

AgendaPoint List with Bottom: if the number of "TotalAgendaPointPerPage" was reached, the overwrite of the text wasn't executed. If the total is equal to number "TotalAgendaPointPerPage" then the text must not be overwritten

25 23.04.2021 NEW

ToC Description - for ToC a description field was added to be used in Multi ToCs

26 24.04.2021 FIX

ToC SubPage Title - Replace Placeholders were not set

27 24.04.2021 NEW

New Placeholder: [[DURATION_IN_HOURS]] Show Duration xx Hours xx Min.

28 25.04.2021 NEW

Presentation Information
ToC Splittet into Main and Sub Information
Content Splittet into Title and Content Slides

29 25.04.2021 NEW

ToC Information Menue (Statistics about ToC)

30 01.05.2021 NEW

Checkbox to create a ToC with only ToC - List of ToC - only for multiple ToC needed

31 01.05.2021 CHG

If Statistics must be filled by click event - moved logic from event ExpandCollapse_Click to function MenueExpandCollapse

32 01.05.2021 NEW

Save last status of selected slide and Menue settings (expanded, collapsed, AgendaMaster Shown, etc.)
Only for Pro

33 02.05.2021 CHG

Vertical Gap - was not set correctly at Global Initialization - resettet to default value.
Order of Initialization wrong: First Read Tags, then Initialize Designs and Layouts


34 02.05.2021 FIX

Hyperlink GotoID - button up the ToC Sub Slide was selected, not the main ToC Slide.


35 04.05.2021 NEW

Insert a table in a slide with statistic information

36 09.05.2021 FIX

Hidden Slides Information was not set when document was initially loaded


AMSlideTags_Calculate - new check if ReadOnly - then execute hidden Slides count



AgendaMaster Version: V (Beta Release)

Release date: 20.03.2021

Check License Overview and Documentation.

This Release is a Beta Release - and this release is not yet compatible with AgendaMaster 1.x created agenda slides.




 01 FIX

Display of Agenda # was not correct/refreshed when a level of an AgendaPoint was changed.

Now a change of the level will show the correct number.

Changes in:

AMSlideTags_Edit_Slide(oCurrentSlide, "Event", "");

02 FIX

Statistic counter for Total Sub Table of content slides on the Main ToC Slide. Used for MultiEdit.

Changes in:


03 FIX

If slide titles are inherited from the AgendaPoint to the content slides, the titles are now available in the background (AMSlideTags) for every content slide. This is used for the multi edit function, to enable / disable slide titles inheritance for every content slide.

Slide titles are added to AMSlideTags even for content slides before any AgendaSlides or which don't get the title by an AgendaPoint.

Changes in:


04 FIX The CommonFunction [IsString] will now check for NULL value. This is needed to fill the DataGridViews correctly.
05 FIX

The statistic values of Total Main Points and Total Sub Points are set to 0 for every run, otherwise the numbers will be doubled.

Changes in:


06 NEW

AgendaMaster Information on conent slides. The tag "AGENDAMASTERSLIDETAGS" holds now also the silde titles (main and sub title).

Changes in:


07 FIX

It is now possible to define which title (Main and/or Sub title) should be inherited to slides below an Table of Content (ToC) slide.

And titles are only taken from Main ToC slide. The fix corrects that titles were taken from Sub ToC slides which is not correct.

Changes in:


08 FIX Tabulator order im ToC general tab corrected
09 NEW Slide Titles changes are now covered when SlideSelection event is triggered. If there is no inheritance of titles the titles of the slide will resist in AMSlideTags.
10 NEW

A full new menu added for content slide titles. You can change the titles of content slides via AgendaMaster.

If the titles are generally inherited from the parent AgendaPoint you can now define for every content slide manual titles which are not managed/overwritten by AgendaMaster.

11 CHG

Master change in writting and reading tags in AgendaMaster. Before every setting had it's own Tag value. To be more future compatable we changed this logic. Now we write only one tag to presentation and on each slide. The tag name is:



This allows us to easier add information / fields in the future and be compatable backwards. 

This master change is not compatable to earlier AgendaMaster versions, because there is not yet a conversion from older logic implemented.

12 NEW

New placeholder available:

  • AgendaPointNumber
  • Responsible

This allows you to add the AgendaPointNumber or Responsible person e.g. in the footer text.

13 NEW

New function implemented:

If the behavior of the Slide Titles inheritance is changed on an AgendaPoint, then this can be set as the default setting on other AgendaPoints.

14 NEW

Additional functions in the MultiEdit view:

  • Now you can display / hide the Main and Sub titles for every slide
  • You can change if the titles of content slides are inherited from the parent AgendaPoint
  • You can set the titles to be set manually and change the titles on individual slides
15 FIX Statistic data is now filled also right after a presentation is opened.


AgendaMaster Version: V (Beta Release)

Release date: 04.02.2021

Check License Overview and Documentation.

This Release is a Beta Release - and this release is not yet compatible with AgendaMaster 1.x created agenda slides.




 01 NEW

Presentation Meta Data
On presentation level you can now enter information like

  • Presentation Topic / Title
  • Presenter
  • Classification: Unclassified, Public, Restricted, Confidential, Secret, Top Secret
  • Status: Not defined, Draft, Pending Approval, Approved, Final
02 NEW Additional Placeholders for Presentation Meta Data to be used in Footer
03 NEW Watermark - free Watermark text with position / rotation and transparency, possible to define on which slide types the watermark should be shown. Placeholders can be used for Watermark-Text


AgendaMaster Version: V (Beta Release)

Release date: 09.01.2021

Check License Overview and Documentation.

This Release is a Beta Release - and this release is not yet compatible with AgendaMaster 1.x created agenda slides.




 01 FIX Hide Slides manually
If slides were set to hidden, then the agendamaster changed it back to show.
Now the status of manual hidden slides is stored and not changed by AgendaMaster
02 New

Header and Footer Management
Only available for Pro and Test Version

Now you can manage footer fields (Date, Footer, Slidenumber) via AgendaMaster. Individual Dateformats, different footer text for Title, ToC, Agenda and Content slides - even for hidden slides.
Use placeholders to put e.g. the current agendapoint description on all slides into the footer.

Also the slidenumber is now formatable - free text and placeholders for slidenumber and total slide numbers - so you can define e.g. "Slide 02 of 20".
You can define that hidden slides doesn't count to total slide numbers and that the slide number is not shown on those or other slides. 

Have fun with the new possibilities by defining individual footers.



AgendaMaster Version: V (Beta Release)

Release date: 01.01.2021

Check License Overview and Documentation.

This Release is a Beta Release - and this release is not yet compatible with AgendaMaster 1.x created agenda slides.




 01 FIX

Performance improvements - the whole core has been written new with many performance optimizations

02 NEW Unlimited Sub-Agenda Point Levels
The limitation of one level of sub points (e.g. 1.1) is now history. You now can create unlimited levels (e.g.
03 NEW

Information about presentation
How many slides are in my presentation - how many are hidden etc.? You now have an overview of some statistics.

04 NEW

Information about an agenda point
How many slides are below an agenda point - how many sub-agenda points, how many slides, how many hidden slides etc.? You now have an overview of some statistics.

05 NEW

New Layout Types are now available:
If you just want to show one single agenda point on a slide (e.g. like the break slide) then you can choose this layout type

If you don't like the list view, if you want to place the agenda elements differently, with a picture etc. then this layout will help you to archive a colorful agenda. See the example in the default installation.

06 NEW You now can setup different colors for an agenda slide - with that you can group topics by color etc.
07 NEW Column Header for all columns can be shown / hidden individually
08 CHG Additional Title features - how to set the titles on the slides below an agenda point.
A default title text can be given for main and sub title.
For content slides it can be defined for each agenda point if the title text should be taken from main or from the corresponding sub agenda point.
09 NEW Each shape can have it's one height. E.g. if you want the description to be a two-liner then the agenda list adjust the line height to the highest shape in a line.
10 NEW Vertical and horizontal distance between the shapes can be defined in the Agenda Taskpane instead in the layout. So you can change the gap between the shapes at runtime without to adjust the master templates.
11 NEW Hide Slides for ToC, Agenda and Sub-Slides
12 NEW Hide content below agenda point
13 NEW If you have an agendapoint only for structure information but don't want to see them on the list then you can remove that one from calculation.
14 NEW A progress bar now shows you the progress of the adjustments in your table of content and agenda slides
15 NEW BETA - Multi Edit will be available soon, to rearrange and edit all agenda point information in one big list and update everything in one shot.
16 NEW Now you can rearrange the columns in the list without the need of changing the layout templates. You can change the order of the displayed columns directly in the taskpane - after update the agendaslides the columns change their order.
17 NEW AgendaMaster works now with multiple window of the same presentation. All information are available in the other windows of the same presentation.



AgendaMaster Version: V 1.45.1806.25

Release date: 13.02.2020

Check License Overview and Documentation.




 01  NEW

Pause function

Added the Button "Pause Refresh" under Actions

With this function the refresh of all AgendaSlides can be paused. This increases the performance during creating the AgendaSlides. After turning off pause all slides will be updated.

02 NEW

Sub AgendaPoints

You can now create Sub AgendaPoints - for one level.

1 Main AgendaPoint

1.1 Sub Agenda Point 1

1.2 Sub Agenda Point 2

You can define if you want to see the Sub AgendaPoints on ToC / AgendaSlides.

Also if the title from Main AgendaPoint should be set to ALL slides below the Main point - inclusive Sub AgendaSlides.

Duration calculation: you can define if the sum of the Sub AgendaPoints durations should be set to the main AgendaPoint of duration of Main AgendaPoint and Sub AgendaPoint should be cummulated.

03 NEW

Sections can be also created for Sub AgendaPoints

04 CHG

Hyperlinks on Sub AgendaSlides will lead you to the corresponding Main AgendaSlide

05 NEW

AgendaSlide Settings - Number of AgendaSlides per slide

With this setting you can define for ToC and AgendaSlides how many AgendaPoints will be shown.

ToC will be splited into multiple slides whereas AgendaSlides will show only a part of the whole content on one single slide.

ToC can be set to optimal distribution - in case of 8 AgendaPoints per slide and you have 9, then by activating this function AgendaMaster will split them into 5 on first and 4 on second slide instead of 8 on first and only 1 on second slide.

06 NEW

Text for every AgendaSlide

A note / text can be entered for every AgendaSlide

07 CHG

Create Agenda point setting formular optimization

Clean up the form to have a better overview of the most needed fields. Moved not important options into the "Options" area - likely:

- Slide Titles

- Slides below AgendaPoint

08 NEW

Hide AgendaSlide in Presentation view

Now available for individual single AgendaPoint Slide

09 NEW

DropDown Menü on "Agenda point settings"

New selection field for creating a Main or Sub AgendaPoint

10 NEW

Display of number of Sub Points a Main AgendaPoint has in "Agenda point settings"

11 NEW

Presentation settings - Columns

New Checkboxes to display the Sub AgendaPoint columns available

New Checkboxes for information "Numbe of Sub Agenda Points" available (for ToC and Main AgendaPoints)

12 NEW

AgendaMaster Ribbon Menü

Added the Button "Check template" under Actions

This will check if your template is consistent. If not under Presentation settings - Columns information about missing objects will be displayed

13 CHG

Presentation settings - Columns

If a shape is missing in the Master, then the corresponding CheckBox gets a red Background.

Also the information text has changed from "not available" to "missing". The overall description has also changed.

If a shape is missing the checkbox will be disabled and not checked. After adjusting the template the "Check template" can be executed to see if everything is fine.

Description is now shown with all checkboxes - but those are disabled because the description cannot be hidden.

14 CHG


Some performance improvements have been made to make the creation of many AgendaSlides faster. Not only the Pause function has been included but also some logic has been changed.

15 CHG

AgendaSlide Shapes

All Shapes on a AgendaSlide will now be grouped into one object.

16 FIX

Column width of description

If the last column wasn't shown, then the whole width was not exact calculated.

17 NEW

If an old Presentation is opened with the new release, then some tag-Adjustments will be done after the first update.



AgendaMaster Version: V. 1.32.1803.18

Release date: 01.04.2018

Initial release - check License Overview and Documentation.




 01   Initial Release