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  • Presentation settings
    • Options
      • Sections


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No known issues with any version.


Organize your PowerPoint slides into sections

Much like you would use folders to organize your files, you can use sections to organize your slides into meaningful groups. You can assign each colleague a section to make slide ownership clear during collaboration. And if you’re starting with a blank slate, you can use sections to outline the topics in your presentation.
There is a helpful video about sections on Microsoft Page: 



If you activate this option then all manually created sections will be removed and for every AgendaPoint a new section will be created. The whole "Section Management" is handed over to AgendaMaster. Also later manually added sections will be removed as soon as you update the whole AgendaSlides. The AgendaPoint text is used for the Section Name. If you change the text of an AgendaPoint the section name will be adjusted accordingly.

An advantage of using sections is to have to possibility to collapse a whole AgendaPoint with all subjacent slides - with this you have a better overview in the slide pane - especially in presentations with many slides. Also you can easier move around a collapsed AgendaPoint section instead of selecting all slides of an AgendaPoint and move it then to another position.