Create an AgendaPoint

Create an AgendaPoint

You can find this function under

  • Agenda point settings


Available for following licenses

Trial   Light   Pro
X  X X



No known issues with any version.



After activating of your license or request your trial license you can start right away with creating of your first AgendaPoint - AgendaMaster comes with a predefined Agenda Layout.



For this you just have to enter the folling information:

(1)  Description Enter the AgendaPoint Topic / Description
(2)  Responsible  Who is reponsible for the Topic - not necessary when you don't want to display this information
(3)  Duration How long should a topic take. Updating the duration will force a recalcuation of the time slots of every AgendaPoint


Click then on [Create] and you will see your first AgendaPoint. When you want to change the topic description or duration etc. just do so and click on [Update].

The following information are not changeable:

(4)  Time Slot  Depending on your presentation start time and duration of the AgendaPoints this shows when the topic will happen during your presentation
(5)  Slide number  Shows on which slide the topic will start
(6)  Number of slides  Shows how many slides belong to the topic - copared to the duration you will immediately see if the number of slides / duration is realistic or not


Description of the check boxes:


Slide title

The title (7) of your AgendaPoint slide will be set depening on the content of the field "Slide title"

Checkbox checked:

  • The title of the AgendaPoint slide will be set to the AgendaPoint description (1)
  • The field "Slide title" is not enabled

Checkbox unchecked:

  • The field "Slide title" is enabled
  • You can enter a free title for your AgendaPoint slide
(8)   Description 

 If you don't want to repeate the AgendaPoint description global on all subjacent slides (see Slide titles), you can turn on this feature individualy for every AgendaPoint

Checkbox checked:

  • The AgendaPoint description (1) will be repeated in the corresponding "Main" or "Sub title" placeholder (see Slide titles) for all subjacent slides of this AgendaPoint. If you have the "Light" version the AgendaPoint description (1) will be repeated on the default setting "Main" title.
  • Updating the AgendaPoint description (1) will update also the corresponding Sub-/Title placeholder in subjacent slides

Checkbox unchecked:

  • The AgendaPoint description (1) will not be repeated. If you turned the feature on and titles were set, turning of will NOT remove any titles. They stay.